Mick Durham FRPS

Mick is a professional wildlife photographer living near Dumfries in South-West Scotland. He holds an FRPS from the Royal Photographic Society and is currently Chair of the Natural History Distinctions Panel. Mick initially trained as an English and Outdoor Education teacher and began taking photographs as part of his outdoor education work. He initially used Olympus cameras before switching to Nikon. Mick says that he tries to do most of his photography close to home and going back to locations time and time again breeds success. In addition he travels around Scotland, particularly to photograph otters and he will occasionally go further afield. In particular he travels to Scandinavia and he describes, ‘Norway is a favourite country – it’s similar to Scotland but bigger and even less crowded!’
In this talk Mick will be presenting his wealth of images on Scottish wildlife. You can see more of Mick’s work here