Isabella Tabachi

Isabella Tabacchi is based in Carpi, a small city in northern Italy where she was born and grew up. As a landscape photographer much of her work has centred on the Italian Alps and the Dolomites, but she has also ventured much further afield, including Kamchatka, Namibia and the Lofoten Islands. Isabella searches for mountains, lakes, and rock formations that embody the essence of the place. Drawn to majestic scenes exuding a sense of grandeur, Isabella edits her work to produce a mood that reflects the emotions she felt in the moment of capture to create her ethereal landscape compositions. “I love to collect emotions in the landscapes that I experience during my photographic adventures,” says Isabella. She uses luminosity masks to help create this sense of emotion in her images.

To achieve her vision, she combines her emotional connection with nature with detailed planning before embarking on her treks, looking at Google Earth to identify locations, studying the weather patterns and determining the best time of the day for a specific location to build an itinerary.

Isabella believes that post-processing is a fundamental part of creating the image.

You can see more of Isabella’s work here