Huw Alban

Huw’s love of photography started in his teens when he started taking pictures of trains at Cardiff Railway Station but his photography moved up to another level when, after graduating and getting marries, he moved to Northamptonshire. There he developed from an enthusiastic spectator of Formula 1 to become a team photographer working with the marketing and press departments. It was in this role that Huw says he, ‘learned to look’. All too often photographers in the motorsports industry use the same views and the same angles, from the same corners. I became tired of taking the same pictures lap after lap and started to look at new angles, new corners and new views and started creating images that weren’t mainstream.’

Huw eventually moved to photographing landscapes and he moved from Northamptonshire to Dorset in 2010 and now specialises in the landscapes in his local area. Huw describes his approach to create images that evoke an emotional response. He says, ‘Unlike other artists, I don’t plan my visits to locations – I go somewhere and create an image driven by how I react regardless of what it looks like. That is not to say that there is no plan to how I approach the creation process. I’ve made specific kit choices, and have an actual picture creation workflow that I’ve evolved over time to aid me once I’ve figured out what the reaction is.’

In his talk Huw will include details of his kit and lens choices, his use of filters and is workflow. He describes the talk as, ‘a light hearted exploration of my own photographic process, broken down into simple concepts, which should appeal to all levels of photographer and artist, no matter what their individual subject interest.