Eva Polak

As a photographer, artist, author and teacher, Eva Polak is well known for her enthusiasm and passion for impressionist photography. She is an author of three books: Impressionist Photography Techniques, Transcended Light and The Secret Life of Dandelions. Eva Polak has had several solo exhibitions and has participated in a variety of group exhibitions in her home-town in Auckland, new Zealand and her photographs are in private collections in New Zealand, Australia and Europe.

Eva’s first camera was given to her in 2004 and by 2007 she describes herself as a competent photographer, but increasingly frustrated by the rules of traditional photography. That year she enrolled in a workshop at Auckland University on ‘The Art of Impressionist Photography’, which she says ‘changed her life’.

Eva now describes her approach to photography as about expression and she says that while impressionism gives you a lot of freedom, it doesn’t mean being thoughtless. Creating impressionist work doesn’t mean just using special techniques. You still have to use your sense of composition and have a knowledge of light, colour and other elements of visual design to present your subject in the best possible way. Eva says that her workflow as very simple, her aim is to capture my images in-camera and after downloading them to Lightroom she does little more than usually adding some contrast, cropping and removing some unwanted spots.

Eva will be talking to us about how to be an artist with a camera with an introduction to the visual language of photography to capture expressive and artistic images. The main aim of the talk is to encourage people to try out various approaches to image-making and help them develop their own way of photographing.

You can see more of Eva’s work here