Andrea Hargreaves MPAGB EFIAP/b BPE3 PSA4

Andrea will be presenting via Zoom.

Andrea has always loved taking photographs. She particularly likes wildlife photography. “But I’m a photographer, I photograph everything”. Andrea is an entirely self-taught photographer, she attended art school, but her courses did not include photography, these skills came later through hard work and application. Andrea’s artistic vision enables her to construct novel and complex pictorial scenes in her mind just from her creative analysis of the poses and features of the models in her photographs from the outset.

Andrea will be presenting her talk ‘The Art of Metamorphosis’, giving us an insight into how she built her photoshop skills from self-imposed challenges to overcome with each series, sharing the knowledge she has learned along the way. Andrea's successful artwork is composed entirely from photographs she has taken, including the textures she uses as overlays in her work and talks frankly about why some images were more successful than others.

She is a National and International award-winning photographer and digital artist based in Selby, North Yorkshire, England UK. Andrea has been exhibited widely throughout the UK in Photographic Salons & Exhibitions & I have had images in publications such as Yorkshire Life magazine, Amateur Photography magazine and local papers. In 2018 Andrea was awarded Master Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (MPAGB).

As a member of the Yorkshire Photographic Union Executive Committee, (the organisation which serves all Photographic Clubs and Societies in Yorkshire) I am the PAGB Awards Officer & Mentoring co-ordinator for members wishing to take Awards for Photographic Merit.

You can see more of Andrea’s work here

Andrea Hargreaves