Sharon and Robert Prenton Jones

Sharon and Robert are a married couple and both are multi award winning and highly qualified photographers. They are based in North Wales but their work has been exhibited around the world. They are perhaps best known for their creative composite photography and in keeping with the rules of many exhibitions and salons that they enter, their composite images comprise only photographs that they have taken themselves.
Both Sharon and Robert frequently win awards in national and international salons and Sharon recently achieved the Best Image in the Robin Hood National Exhibition of Photography (2021) with her image ‘Lady of the Deep’.
Sharon has been taking and creating images since 2012 and she strives to produce images that are not always a representation of reality but rather a careful artistic creation using photographs as the raw material to construct the final image. Similarly, while Robert had long been a ‘happy snapper’ it was not until he joined a camera club in 2012 that he started to explore the creative side of photography – building and combining both photographic and Photoshop skills to create his images.
You can see more of Sharon and Robert’s work here