About Us

Founded in 1890, Exeter Camera Club was one of the first to be formed in England. Over the years the club has had many illustrious members who have seen their passion evolve from black & white film and chemical developing through to colour digital imagery and computer processing. Along this journey Club members have, and still do, embrace all genres of photographic art.

The objectives of the Club are the furtherance of Photographic Art and Technique, the exchange of ideas and mutual assistance amongst members in a friendly and open atmosphere. We also aim to organise and holding meetings, social events, presentations, special interest groups, field trips/outings, discussion/critique evenings, workshops, exhibitions and competitions for the benefit of our members and to also reach out to the general public.

We welcome opportunities to communicate and form relationships with other photographic organisations locally, across the United Kingdom and Internationally and contact can be easily made with us via our ‘Contact Us’ page or you may contact one of our committee members directly.

Please spend some time browsing through our web site where we hope you will find some interesting images and information.

For much more detail about the Club please see our ‘Club Information’ page.