Club Information

Club Committee & Rules

Exeter Camera Club Committee:

The Club Committee consists of office bearers and ordinary members and meet on a bi-monthly basis. Each year the Committee holds an AGM which usually takes place in the month of February.

Exeter Camera Club Committee Members:

  • President - Anne Whiteley
  • Vice President (Incoming) - Bridget Davies
  • Vice President (outgoing) Gary Gawler
  • Secretary - Graham Cooper
  • Treasurer - Brian Rees
  • Membership Secretary - Colin Burnham
  • Programme Secretary - David Pike
  • Competitions Secretary - Chris Bayley
  • Hospitality - Jenny Phillips
  • Club Archivist - Bob Sterry
  • Club Event Manager - Adrian Harris
  • Member without portfolio -Sue Smith
  • Auditor - Hilda Sterry

Rules of Exeter Camera Club

  1. Club Name - The Club shall be called the Exeter Camera Club
  2. Club Objectives - The objectives of the club are the furtherance of PHOTOGRAPHIC ART and TECHNIQUE among amateur workers and others; by exchanging of friendly ideas and mutual assistance among members, as well as organising and holding lectures, demonstrations, workshops, exhibitions etc
  3. Club Membership - Any person interested in, or practicing photography as an amateur or professional who agrees actively to support the club’s objectives, may apply to an officer of the club for membership. Membership is subject to agreement by the Committee.
  4. Club Subscriptions - Subscriptions shall be such amounts as are from time to time determined by the AGM, or by a Special General Meeting. All subscriptions shall be due on the 31st May (or as agreed). If the renewal subscription is not received by this date membership will be deemed to have lapsed. Those renewing after that date will be treated as new members and placed on a waiting list for membership should one apply.
  5. Club Officers - The officers of the club shall consist of a President, at least two Vice Presidents, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, and such other officers as may from time to time be decided. Any member of the club elected to an Officer post must be prepared to make a practical contribution to the organisation and management of club activities. All officers are to be elected each year at the AGM. The President may only serve for two consecutive years
  6. Club Management - The affairs of the club shall be managed by a Committee consisting of the officers listed in Rule 5 above and any additional Club members as from time to time be deemed necessary. These officers and any ordinary club members are to be elected annually at the AGM. No ordinary club member may serve on the committee for more than two years consecutively
  7. Annual General Meeting - The AGM of the club shall be held no later than the end of Feb each year, and its business shall include: the Minutes of the previous AGM, Annual Report of the President and Hon Sec, Audited Statement & Balance Sheet of club finances externally reviewed by an appropriately qualified financial examiner, Election of Committee Members & appointment of Auditor or Financial Examiner. One quarter of the membership shall constitute of Quorum
  8. Special General Meetings - A Special General Meeting can be called at any time by the Committee, or on receipt by the Hon Secretary of a requisition signed by no less than one quarter of the members. 14 days notice must be given to all members of any SGM, with particulars of all business to be transacted. No business, other than that appearing on the notice of such a meeting shall be transacted. One quarter of the membership shall constitute a Quorum
  9. Distribution of Club Rules - A copy of these rules shall be supplied to every member of the club, and an up to date copy displayed on the club notice board. No alterations to these rules shall be made except at an AGM, or a SGM
  10. Nominations & Propositions - Any nominations and propositions for consideration at an AGM shall not be accepted unless provided to the Hon Sec, and signed by 2 members of the club as proposer and seconder
  11. Committee Discretion - In the event of anything occurring, which is not provided for or not clear in these rules, the Committee shall have the power to deal with the same, at its discretion
  12. Conduct of Members - All members shall abide by the Rules of Exeter Camera Club, and when attending any club event at the The Cardinal Newman Centre members must abide by the their Rules. The name of any member whose conduct, in the opinion of the Committee, is deemed prejudicial to the interests of the club shall, after due notice to that member, be removed from the Club Membership list
  13. Dissolution - The Club may dissolve only by the consent of three quarters of the members present at a Special General Meeting called for that purpose. Such a meeting shall appoint a Liquidator and decide on the disposal of all the club funds and assets
  14. Effective Date of Rules - These rules are as amended and agreed at the Annual General Meeting held on 27th February 2014